The Laos of North Siam (Classic Reprint) by Lillian Johnson Curtis

  • Book title: The Laos of North Siam (Classic Reprint)
  • Author: Lillian Johnson Curtis
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  • Publisher: Forgotten Books (July 2, 2012)
  • Language: English
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The Laos of North Siam (Classic Reprint)

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But none of these or of the other books on Siam, attempt any full treatment of the Laos people and religion and government. Mrs. Curtis is well qualified to write a book to fill this vacant place. For four years she was a missionary at Lakawn, and combined with exceptional opportunities a quick discernment and a kindly interest in the people. Far away from the currents of travel and intercourse, the Laos states are practically unknown save to the lumber merchant and the missionary. And of the two it is the missionary who masters the language, enters into the life of the people with the sympathy which is essential to knowledge, traces up the secret of custom or idea or institution, and strives to understand the hearts and minds of those among whom he dwells. As in almost every other part of Asia and in A frica, so here we owe our first and often our fullest and most reliable knowledge of the people and country to the missionary. The two founders of the Laos Mission, Dr. Mc Gilvary and Dr. Wilson, are still connected with the mission. It is to be hoped that some day their autobiographical reminiscences may be made available. The only difference between these two venerable missionaries loved throughout the Laos states by all, rulers, common people, and merchants from the West and missionaries like Moffett and Paton, is that these old Laos missionaries are unknown to the world. In character and accomplishment they rank with the missionary saints and apostles. Mrs.
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