Psychoanalytic Theory, Therapy and the Self by Harry Guntrip

  • Book title: Psychoanalytic Theory, Therapy and the Self
  • Author: Harry Guntrip
  • ISBN10: 0950164747
  • ISBN13: 978-0950164748
  • Publisher: Karnac Books; New Ed edition (March 7, 1977)
  • Language: English
  • Subcategory: Psychology & Counseling
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  • Rating: 4.0/5
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Psychoanalytic Theory, Therapy and the Self

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Dr. Guntrip concerns himself specifically with the self and its interpersonal and object relations. Through the work of Freud, Sullivan, Erikson, Horney, and other theorists, he thoroughly explores the origin, and development of the psychoanalytic theory and its relevance and application to modern therapeutic methods.As a result of his extensive work with schizoid patients who are detached, withdrawn, and unable to form real human relations, Dr. Guntrip has come to regard the self as the “fundamental psychological concept” and psychoanalysis as the “study of its growth.” According to Dr. Guntrip modern psychoanalytic therapy provides a kind of personal relationship in which the alienated, stunted self is given the potential for a healthy growth and development which put it in touch with other persons and objects. The author firmly believes that the analyst, through careful insight, recognition, and a mental awareness of the emergence of the inner core of isolation, can enable the patient to find his own reality as a person.